Month: November 2017

Zobcorps – 001: Blue Devils 2010

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We go back to 2010 finals to see the winning Blue Devils show, Through a Glass Darkly. We’ll never see mirrors the same way again.

Drunk Corps Int – 022: Drunksgiving

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Unbutton your pants, stuff your face, and settle in for Drunksgiving! On this special (not really) holiday, the gang gets back into what they do best: getting egregiously wasted and screaming at one another. They’ll kick it off with the epilogue for the Hopghazi podcast, including some unhappy listener’s words for KG. Then, the gang tackles the LotHype bracket challenge and votes for their own winner, with hookers and blackjack. Turns out, democracy is overrated. Topping it all off is a special shout-out to Dutch Boy. Enjoy the weekend, your leftovers, and some Drunk Corps!

🎹 Synthesia + Show | The Academy 2016 – “Drum Corpse Bride” (+ Links)

Just to clarify, I know I’ve already done this show before, but I enhanced the experience with this new Synthesia style; so I hope you guys enjoy it and expect more shows coming up! (please leave suggestions!!)

Ω Once again, all credit goes to TheMTCrew for creating all the items available for download and for the resources to make this video!!

Additionally, I want to state how much time and effort it requires to make these kinds of videos as synchronization and style are the biggest focuses in combining the clips. I really want your suggestions, but it may take time for me to get to making them. Thanks for your comprehension! 😀

Yellow – Trumpet
Orange – Mellophone
Red – Low Brass
Blue – Marimba
Green – Vibraphone, Xylo
Purple – Misc Percussion (including Synth)

Suggestions for future Synthesia? Leave one in the comments below!

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ϟ Transcriber: TheMTCrew

♯ Repertoire ♯
Corpse Bride (Main Titles) by Danny Elfman
Romeo & Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev
Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas
Suggestion Diabolique by Sergei Prokofiev
Unchained Melody by Alex North & Hy Zaret
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 (The Funeral March) by Frédéric Chopin

Download Synthesia:

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These audition tips are applicable to DCI (Drum Corps International) and WGI (Winter Guard International) auditions, and can be transferred to every section – percussion, brass, and guard.

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If you found the video helpful, you can read these blogposts to help you prepare to make the cut and get a call back and ultimately a contract.

5 Things to Do If Auditioning for WGI or DCI Soon

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Bass Auditions: Do you have these traits?

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5 Tips for Making the Cut

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