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Drunk Corps Int – 036: I AM KG!!!

Don’t get fooled, we all know that I’m the real KG. In this episode we celebrate the return of Drums Down Under, who started drinking at 7am because Australia, Jolly Green shotguns a pizza during an important Drunk Corps scholarship discussion and we answer your Twitter questions. We also discuss the current state of DCI, which seems like it’s on borrowed time tbh, and the latest article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Grab a Christmas themed drink with your loved ones, then head to the basement to get wasted and enjoy this month’s episode! Seriously though, I am KG.

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Drunk Corps Int – 028: Hopkins Aftermath

On a more serious episode of Drunk Corps, the gang tackles the horrifying revelations about George Hopkins published on April 5. They cover the article, the responses (good AND bad) from the DCI community, and steps that you can take to make the activity safer and healthier.


Drunk Corps Int – 021: Hopghazi

On this episode of the Drunk Corps Podcast, the gang tackles the recent news surrounding DCI legend George Hopkins. They’ll discuss what these issues mean for YEA, the Cadets, and DCI as a whole, as well as ways you, the fan, can make a positive difference for the activity! Then it all falls apart at the end and Jolly Green won’t shut up about JFK. Also, the Soviet national anthem? This one’s got it all!