LotHype is proud to begin the slow launch of the first ever marching arts podcasting network, LotHypeRadio! Podcasts are internet radio shows that you have full control of. Similar to Netflix, have your entertainment when you want, where you want, whenever you want with one difference: we do it for free!

Debuting in our comedy category is the infamous, foul-mouthed, uncensored group known as Drunk Corps International! These guys aren’t polite, they aren’t politically correct, …they’re drunk. And they got some things to say.

Join them as they (in good fun) poke at everything from show concepts to that crazy security guy attack in 2016. Parental advisory for strong language and NSFW, this isn’t your typical Drum Corps podcast!


More shows are being polished up and integrated into the site, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we release them!

The views of the Podcasters on LotHype Radio are their own and do not necessary reflect the views of LotHype or it’s affiliates.