Avon HS – 2022 ‘The Playbook’ (Multi Cam)

Avon HS doing a production run of their show at WGI – Prelims on 04/21/22 (Special thanks to George Collins for letting me use some of the video he took of the same lot.)

WGI 2022: PIW Highlight Reel

Vic Firth salutes WGI 2002 with Independent World excerpts from the 2022 WGI World Championships, including Pulse Percussion (Gold Medalist), Broken City (Bronze Medalist), United Percussion (Finalist), Infinity (Finalist), George Mason University (Finalist), POW Percussion (Finalist), Vigilantes (Finalist), Redline (Semi-Finalist), Dark Sky (Semi-Finalist) and STRYKE Percussion (Semi-Finalist). Check out the Scholastic World Highlight Reel: Stay […]

Vigilantes Indoor Percussion 2022 – Full Run (Multicam)

VIP doing a full run of their show at WGI – Finals on 04/23/22

WGI 2022: PSW Highlight Reel

Vic Firth salutes WGI 2002 with Scholastic World excerpts from the 2022 WGI World Championships, including Avon HS (Gold Medalist), Chino Hills HS (Silver Medalist), Dartmouth HS (Bronze Medalist), Petal HS (Finalist) and Timber Creek HS. Stay tuned to the Vic Firth Marching Channel for FULL “IN THE LOT” PERFORMANCES from all of your favorite […]

Broken City Percussion 2022 – ‘Vortex’

BCP playing through Vortex at WGI Finals

Rhythm X 2022 – Rehearsal Run Through

Rhythm X doing a show run at the end of a rehearsal block on 04/20/22.

Atlanta Quest 2022 – Bass Subs

The Atlanta Quest bassline in subs at WGI – Prelims in Dayton OH on 04/21/22

Infinity 2022 – ‘Continuum’

Infinity doing a run through of their 2022 show at a rehearsal on 04/20/22.

United Percussion – 2022 (Battery Focus)

United Percussion in the lot at WGI – Semi Finals on 04/22/22

I Made a Drumset out of Marching Drums

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2022 Vista Murrieta HS SCPA Finals 4-16-2022

2022 Vista Murrieta Indoor Percussion warming up in the lot at the SCPA Finals in Ontario, CA on April 16th, 2022. Vista Murrieta has been trailing Chino Hill’s High School all season. However, these kids have come a very long way and are scoring in the high 90’s in several sub captions. They are getting […]