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I wish this was WGI San Bernie 2020 but its not…

Today I would be in San Bernardino, CA for the 2020 WGI Power Regional BUUUUUUUT the corona virus happened. So, I made this since i have time… This has never happened to WGI, let alone the entire world. -Every single clip is in order from when I got there to when I left. The clips […]

Dark Sky Percussion – 2020 (Final Runs/Multicam)

Multicam video of Dark Sky Percussion’s Final two runs of their 2020 show on 03/14/20.

Etiwanda HS – 2020 (Final Run)

Etiwanda HS performing their 2020 production one last time on 03/13/20.

RCC – 2020 (Front Ensemble Cam)

Front Ensemble Focus camera of RCC- 2020 at WGI – Temecula

Pulse Percussion – 2020

Pulse Percussion running through some show parts at SCPA – Temescal Canyon on 03/08/20

Ayala HS Drumline – 2020 (Warm Up)

Ayala HS warming up at SCPA – Temescal Canyon HS on 03/07/20

Ayala HS Drumline – 2020 (Show Music)

Ayala HS running some of their show at the SCPA – Temescal Canyon HS show on 03/07/20

Dark Sky Percussion – 2020 (Warm Up)

Dark Sky Percussion warming up at SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga on 03/01/20

RCC Bass – 2020

The RCC bassline warming up playing some exercises at WGI Temecula on 02/23/20

Bakersfield College – 2020 (Music)

The Bakersfield City College drumline playing through some of their book at WGI – Temecula on 02/23/20.

RCC – 2020 (Warm Up)

The RCC Drumline warming up at WGI – Temecula on 02/23/20.