Robert Martinez

Monarch 2023 – Front Ensemble + GoPro (Snare Cam)

From the Finals lot at WGI Katy, TX – 03/04/23

Monarch 2023 – ‘…Like The Wind’

Monarch doing a production rub of their show at WGI – Katy, TX (Finals) on 03/04/23

Pulse 2023 – Where the Streets Have No Name

Pulse Percussion doing a production run of their show at WGI – Temecula on 02/26/23

Ayala HS 2023 – Warm Up

Ayala HS warming up at SCPA Rancho Cucamonga on 02/18/23

Ayala HS 2023 – ‘Passed to the Present’

Ayala HS doing a production run of their 2023 show at SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga HS on 02/18/23. Special thanks to Drum Corps Coffee Shop community member, Andy Shomph, for the front ensemble footage.

RCC Indoor 2023 – Home

RCC doing a production run of their show at SCPA Arcadia on 02/04/23

POW Percussion 2023 – Show Music

POW playing though their book at their preview show on 01/29/23

Vigilantes Indoor Percussion – 2022 (Battery Music)

VIP battery playing through their book at WGI Finals on 04/23/22

Rhythmic Force 2022 – Production Run (Multicam)

Rhythmic Force at WGI – Semifinals on 04/22/22