LotHype.com is a website by fans, for fans, and is made up of 5 free services:

LotHypeTV: A free, fully produced, multi-cam livestream broadcast of parking lot warm-ups. These aren’t your typical Facebook live-streams, our streams are broadcasted continuously in multi-cam with great drum corps content inserted in between the action!

Video Archive: LotHype’s importer automatically compiles videos from all social media platforms to make the very first “YouTube for Drum Corps”. The site has imported thousands of videos and organized them, making for an awesome binge watching experience of the latest lot videos from around the world!

Transcription Archive: Compiled from the forums at SnareScience.com and user submitted, LotHype has amassed a large stockpile of DCI, WGI. DCA, and other transcriptions, organized on one easy-to-use page. Test Your Might!

Band Jobs/Classifieds: Looking for a job in the marching activity? Writer or designer looking for a gig? Short staffed this upcoming season? Post your own ad in LotHype’s classifieds section. Completely free to use and no signup necessary.

The LotHype Community: Home of the LotHype Forums. Post on our general Community Board or submit your Transcriptions.