Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline 2016 | Quads Warmup

SCV Drumline Warmup/Exercises with focus on quads @ Seattle Music Games July 1st.

2022 Chino Hills High School SCPA Rancho Cucamonga 2-12-2022

2022 Chino Hills High School Drumline playing some of their show music in the lot at the SCPA Rancho Cucamonga Show on February 12th, 2022. The most dominant high school drumline of the last 10 years is back again with an incredible group of young kids to take on the world of indoor drumming. The […]

2022 George Mason University Indoor Drumline Battery Lot WGI Finals

2022 George Mason University Drumline Battery playing through their show music in the lot at the WGI Finals in Dayton, OH. This was one of my favorite groups all season long and I’m really happy with the way their show turned out. Can’t wait to see GMU 2023! Be sure to follow DrumlineAV on Facebook, […]

2022 Redline Percussion Full Show WGI Troy Regional 2-12-2022

2022 Redline Percussion warming up in the lot at the WGI Troy Regional in Troy, Michigan. Special thanks to Katie Hanka, Program Coordinator of Redline for making this happen! Happy to help spread the Redline content for all to see. Please visit to make a tax-deductible donation to Redline and help support these performers […]

2021 Rockwood Winter Percussion Week 1 WGI Video

18 months after shooting my last drumline video at the 2019 DCI World Championships, I had the privilege of filming Rockwood Winter Percussion at Rockwood Summit High School yesterday on February 20th, 2021. The ensemble is under the direction of Peter Repp and they are performing a show by Box Six entitle “Ripple Effect.” Rockwood […]

2021 Cavaliers Bass feature Dubuque

2021 Cavaliers bass drum line playing their bass feature in the lot at the DCI Music on the March show in Dubuque, Iowa on July 31st, 2021. Video was filmed from a distance as to maintain social distancing and the preferred distance away from the performers as mandated by DCI. I was also wearing a […]

2022 Broken City Full Warm Ups SCPA Colony HS 3-12-2022

2022 Broken City warming up in the lot at Colony High School for the SCPA show in Ontario, CA. This is the newest full battery warm-up video available online right now. This crew is going to be absolutely incredible this year as they have improved significantly in the last few weeks since we’ve seen them […]

Legends Bass Drum Ensemble 2016

Legends bass line at 2016 performers showcase

2022 George Mason University Indoor Percussion Full Run WGI Finals

2022 George Mason University Indoor Percussion playing through their entire show in the lot at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Their show entitled “Nothing Lost” was a huge hit with the audience on finals night and these guys came ready to play! Tons of great music in this vid and the battery is […]

2022 Flux Indoor Percussion WGI San Bernardino 3-27-2022

2022 Flux Indoor Percussion warming up in the lot at the WGI San Bernardino regional on March 27th. Flux Indoor Percussion was recently promoted to Percussion Independent World Class earlier this year and will be making its way to Dayton, Ohio next week! Be sure to check them out in the lot on Thursday and […]

2022 Arcadia HS Show Music SCPA Arcadia 2-5-22

2022 Arcadia High School Drumline playing through some of their show music in the lot at the SCPA Arcadia show on February 5th, 2022 in Arcadia, California. DrumlineAV will be producing new content throughout the entire 2022 WGI season. Stay tuned to our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok! Enjoy!