2021 Modulation Z Hype Video

Threw some cool shots together of Modulation Z at their first virtual show performance a week and a half ago. On top of shooting their run through, I shot some rehearsal vids and some uniformed rehearsal vids and spliced everything together to get this. The drone footage in the beginning was shot by me as […]

2021 Modulation Z WGI Week 1 Video

18 months after shooting my last drumline video at the 2019 DCI World Championships, I had the privilege of filming Modulation Z at Rockwood Summit High School yesterday on February 20th, 2021. The ensemble is under the direction of Ryan Treasure and they are performing their program entitled “Together.” Modulation Z will be competing in […]

2019 Modulation Z Drumline CSPA Show 3/16/2019

2019 Modulation Z Drumline performing their show at the CSPA Circuit Show in St. Louis, MO.

WGI St. Louis Regional Review – DrumlineAV Vlog Episode 2

Our second episode! DrumlineAV was at the WGI St. Louis Regional this weekend and saw a ton of groups! This vlog is our review of the event and what we thought about what we saw. If you plan on going to future WGI events, be sure to visit www.WGI.org for event information and tickets! Also […]

2018 Modulation Z 2-10-2018

2018 Modulation Z Percussion performing their show “The Omega” at Edwardsville High School on February 10th 2018. Follow us on Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrumlineAV Instagram: www.instagram.com/DrumlineAV Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrumlineAV

2017 Modulation Z Indoor Percussion WGI St Louis Prelims

2017 Modulation Z Indoor Percussion ensemble performing their show in Prelims at the WGI St. Louis Regional.

2017 Modulation Z MCCGA Edwardsville Show

2017 Modulation Z Indoor Drumline playing through their show at the MCCGA Edwardsville Show on February 18th, 2017

2015 Modulation Z Drumline Show 2-28-2015

2015 Modulation Z performing their show at the MCCGA competition on February 28th 2015.