George Collins

RCC Indoor Percussion 2020 – Full Ensemble Run – 2/8 SCPA Colony

RCC Indoor Percussion performs a full run of their show “I Will Wait For You” before the SCPA Colony HS show 2/8/20

Arcadia HS Percussion 2020 – Warm Up – 2/1 SCPA Arcadia

Arcadia HS Percussion battery warms up before the SCPA Arcadia show 2/1/20.

Pulse Percussion 2020 – Warm UPS – 1/26 Preview Show

Pulse Percussion plays through their warm up sequence at their annual Preview Show 1/26/20

Pulse Percussion 2020 – Show Music – 1/26 Preview Show

Pulse Percussion runs through their book at their annual Preview Show on 1/26/20

Danny Pendergrass – Blue Devils Snare Cam – DCI Semis Day Rehearsal 8/9/19

Danny Pendergrass (Blue Devils snare 2019) full run through before DCI Semis.

Genevieve Hilburn – Bluecoats Bass 3 Cam – DCI Finals Day Rehearsal 8/10/19

Genevieve Hilburn (Bluecoats 2019 Bass 3) plays a show chunk during full ensemble DCI Finals Day.

Carolina Crown 2019 – Show Music – DCI Finals 8/10

Carolina Crown battery runs through show music trying desperately to avoid a pile of vomit in their zone before DCI Finals 8/10/19

Vessel Drumline 2019 – Percussion Ensemble Show Music – 7/18 RCC

The Vessel battery and front ensemble run through show music before the RCC show 7/18/19

Broken City Percussion 2019 – Full Run – 4/13 WGI Finals

Apologies for it being dark af. WGI didn’t want the champs’ lot to be too lit evidently. Again uploaded raw so you can enjoy in 1080/60

Dark Sky Percussion 2019 – 4/13 WGI Finals Day Rehearsal Run

Congratulations on an amazing season DSP. You’re always family. Uploaded raw so hopefully you can enjoy in full 1080/60

George Mason University Indoor 2019 – Full Run – 4/13 WGI Finals

This lot was sick. Thank you GMU. I was on the ride from the first time I saw a video of your show early this year. Uploaded raw so you can hopefully enjoy in full 1080/60