Winter Guard International (WGI)

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RCC Indoor 2023 – WGI Long Beach (Warm Up)

RCC warming up on 03/25/23 0:00 – Exercise 1 2:45 – Exercise 2 5:25 – Exercise 3 (Rolls) 8:00 – Exercise 4 (Grid) 9:38 – Morrispree

Pulse 2023 – WGI Long Beach (Prelims)

Pulse doing a run of their show in the lot at prelims on 03/25/23 (Apologies for all the back ground noise, the warm up zones were kind of small and pretty close to each other.) * Special thanks to Andy Shomph for the front ensemble footage.

POW Percussion 2023 – ‘Asylum’

POW Percussion doing a production run of their show in the lot at WGI – Long Beach on 03/25/23

2023 Pulse Percussion Full Run SCPA Great Oak 3/12/23

2023 Pulse Percussion Full run-through at SCPA Great Oak High School on March 12th, 2023. This is an incredible run and it had me humming U2 in my head all night! They’re already sounding great and I can’t wait to see them in Dayton, OH next month. Thanks to John Mapes for allowing us into […]

Broken City Percussion 2023 – Warm Up

Broken City warming up at SCPA – Great Oak HS on 03/12/23 0:00 – Intro 0:11 – Cold Hands 2:16 – MV Multi-Beat 3:59 – Paraddidles.1 5:08 – SSL2 7:12 – 9r 8:51 – Flee.1

Broken City 2023 – Show Music

Broken City Percussion working ensemble chunks in the lot at SCPA Great Oak HS on 03/12/23

Monarch 2023 – Front Ensemble + GoPro (Snare Cam)

From the Finals lot at WGI Katy, TX – 03/04/23

2023 Broken City Full Ensemble SCPA Monrovia 3/4/23

2023 Broken City performing their show music in the lot of the SCPA Monrovia High School in Monrovia, CA. Be sure to check out Broken City at a show nearest you and definitely check them out in Dayton, OH next month! The music arrangements are incredible yet again. Definitely one of my favorites this year! […]

2023 Cap City Percussion WGI Indy 3/5/23

2023 Cap City Percussion warming up in the lot at the WGI Indianapolis Regional in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out Cap City at a show near you and definitely watch out for them in Dayton, Ohio next month! Be sure to subscribe to DrumlineAV on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok for more content all season […]

2023 ConneXus WGI Indy 3/5/23

2023 ConneXus indoor drumline performing their entire show in the lot of the WGI Indy Regional. Connexus is performing its program, “This Sacred Geometry” and will be attending the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. Are you excited to see ConneXus this year? Leave a comment below! #wgi2023 #drumline #percussion #connexus #ludwigdrums #promarksticks #evansdrumheads