2022 Broken City Full Warm Ups SCPA Colony HS 3-12-2022

2022 Broken City warming up in the lot at Colony High School for the SCPA show in Ontario, CA. This is the newest full battery warm-up video available online right now. This crew is going to be absolutely incredible this year as they have improved significantly in the last few weeks since we’ve seen them […]

Reading Buccaneers Bassline 8.27.2016 – Show Music

The Reading Buccaneers drumline playing through some show music with focus on the bass drums. Ripped from our live broadcast.

SCV Quad Solo 2016

Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline quad solo 2016

2021 Rockwood Winter Percussion Week 1 WGI Video

18 months after shooting my last drumline video at the 2019 DCI World Championships, I had the privilege of filming Rockwood Winter Percussion at Rockwood Summit High School yesterday on February 20th, 2021. The ensemble is under the direction of Peter Repp and they are performing a show by Box Six entitle “Ripple Effect.” Rockwood […]

2016 Capital City Battery Mid South Regional

2016 Capital City drumline playing through their show music in the finals lot of the WGI Mid South regional

Santa Clara Vanguard Cymbals 2016 lot

Santa Clara Vanguard Cymbal Line Seattle Music Games

2022 Redline Percussion Full Warmup WGI Troy Regional 2-12-2022

2022 Redline Drumline warming up in the finals lot of the WGI Troy Regional in Troy Michigan on February 12th, 2022. Lots of good shots in here! Got to give a special shoutout to Katie Hanka, Program Coordinator for Redline for organizing the shots last weekend! Thank you, Katie!!! If you enjoyed the video, please […]

LotHype.com | DCI 2016 Allentown Drumline Stream

LotHype.com is proud to present our first live stream event. We will be hosting 2 separate streams, one for drumline and one for front ensembles. This stream is a dedicated drumline only stream. Our Front Ensembles stream will be hosted on our facebook page here: www.facebook.com/LotHype www.LotHype.com

“Stop Me” by Tim Jackson – 2006 1st place DCI I&E

I would’ve called it “The Quadfather” due to the Godfather reference…but I didn’t write it lol performed by Eric Carr I’m not going to post sheet music to this one because: 1 – I learned the whole thing by ear (or i guess by eye is more accurate) and don’t feel like writing it out […]

Trump vs Hillary DRUM BATTLE!!!

Vote for the winner here: https://goo.gl/FeR3Qi Sheet Music: https://www.facebook.com/eric.carr.589

Reading Buccaneers 8.27.2016 Battery – Show Music #3

The Reading Buccaneers drumline playing through some show music at their home show. Ripped from our livestream broadcast.

Santa Clara Vanguard 2016 SCV Tenors Lot

Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline Tenors quad line Focus