Blue Stars 2019 Hornline – DCI Tour Premier

Parking Garage + Hornline = the best hornline footage we have ever captured.

Carolina Crown 2019 Battery – DCI Tour Premier (Show Music)

Brand new footage of the 2019 Carolina Crown battery. An insane amount of quality and it’s only June. Can’t wait to see where this line goes this summer.

Boston Crusaders 2019 – Bass Drums Show Music

Take a first look at the Boston Crusaders 2019 bass line ripping through some show music outside the DCI Tour Premier!

Dark Sky Percussion 2019 – Insane Super Lazer

The Cavaliers basses: “hey we invented the super lazer” Dark Sky basses: “hold our beers.” Special thank you to our favorite west coast dude Robert Martinez for the footage!

Reading Buccaneers 2018 – Encore Performance (SR9 Cam)

Our dedicated snare line cam of the Reading Buccaneers 2018 program, “Here to There”!

Reading Buccaneers 2018 – Full Encore Performance (Multicam)

Performing their 2018 program “Here to There”, the Reading Buccaneers!

DCI – Boston Crusaders 2018 Snare Feature

Ripped from our live coverage of DCI Chester 2018!

Reading Buccaneers Quads (RQ) – Extended Feature Early Season

The legendary RQ plays through their extended feature early in the DCA season! If it’s this good already we can’t wait to see it at finals!

Reading Buccaneers Drumline 2018 – Show Music

Ripped from out live LotHypeTV coverage! The Reading Buccaneers battery plays through show music at their first home show! For the full broadcast visit: https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/videos/2203272409686126/

Cadets2 Front Ensemble – Vibraphone Split (HQ Audio)

We’ve replaced the sound of our livestream with beautiful HQ audio! Enjoy The Cadets2 front ensemble in beautiful HQ stereo sound!