2022 Broken City Full Warm Ups SCPA Colony HS 3-12-2022

2022 Broken City warming up in the lot at Colony High School for the SCPA show in Ontario, CA. This is the newest full battery warm-up video available online right now. This crew is going to be absolutely incredible this year as they have improved significantly in the last few weeks since we’ve seen them […]

2022 George Mason University Indoor Drumline Battery Lot WGI Finals

2022 George Mason University Drumline Battery playing through their show music in the lot at the WGI Finals in Dayton, OH. This was one of my favorite groups all season long and I’m really happy with the way their show turned out. Can’t wait to see GMU 2023! Be sure to follow DrumlineAV on Facebook, […]

Legends Bass Drum Ensemble 2016

Legends bass line at 2016 performers showcase

2021 Cavaliers Quadline DCI Dubuque

The 2021 Cavaliers Quadline playing through some show music in the lot at the DCI Dubuque, Music on the March show on July 31st 2021. Video was filmed at a safe distance and I was also wearing a mask even though I was about 20ft away from the performers. Video was shot on an iPhone […]

Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline 2016 | Quads Warmup

SCV Drumline Warmup/Exercises with focus on quads @ Seattle Music Games July 1st.

Jersey Surf Drumline Finals Week 2016

Jersey Surf in the lot. I really liked their cymbal line

Blue Stars Drumline Finals Week 2016

Blue Stars Drumline in the lot finals week 2016

Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline in the lot 2016 | Snares

SCV Drumline in the lot 2016. Snare line focus

Santa Clara Vanguard Cymbals 2016 lot

Santa Clara Vanguard Cymbal Line Seattle Music Games