2022 George Mason University Indoor Drumline AIA show 2-19-2022

2022 George Mason University Indoor Drumline performing their entire program “Nothing Lost” at their first show of the season at the AIA show! Lots of cool stuff going on here. Looking forward to seeing this one live.

Special thanks go out to Dan Schack and Joe Delosa. You can follow Dan Schack on Instagram at @d_schack and at @thatdanbandshow. You can follow Joe Delosa on Instagram at @jd3dee. Thank you for sharing and be sure to check out the GMU Indoor Drumline website at www.drumline.gmu.edu.

George Mason University Indoor Drumline is using @Vic Firth sticks, @Pearl Drums, @Remo Inc. drumheads, and @Avedis Zildjian Company cymbals.

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  1. This line is doing some really cool things, can’t wait to see it on the floor in Dayton. Drums sound great and the color palette is fresh too!


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