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Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t Have You feat. Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

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Ashley Ballengee – Pioneer 2012-2014, Blue Stars 2015-2016, SCV 2017-2019 (@ashleyballengee)
Joaquin Alvarez – SCVC 2016-2017, SCV 2018-2019 (@joaquiinalvarezz)
Robert Twogood – Battalion 2017, SCV 2018-2019 (@robert.twogood_)
Austin Byers – Blue Knights 2016, SCV 2017, 2019 (@austinofatx)
Joshua Snedeker – Crossmen 2017, SCV 2018-2019 (@j_sned)
Elise Denghausen – Impulse 2014, Pacific Crest 2015-2016, SCV 2017-2019 (@elise_dinglehooser)
Emily Frederickson – Blue Knights 2016-2017, SCV 2018-2019 (@emilia__bedilia)
Jack Hawkins-DeCaire – SCV 2015-2019 (@jack_the_hd)
Matt Richard – Mandarins 2014-2016, SCV 2017-2019
Nathan Burris – SCV 2018-2019 (@na_burris)
Katie Christensen – SCVC 2015, SCV 2016-2019 (@k8techrist)
Nico Lopez – SCV 2017-2019 (Twt @LicoNopez)
Noah Weule – SCV 2018-2019 (@nouhhhhh)
Cole Ousley – SCV 2017-2019 (@ColeOusley)
Michael Englar – SCV 2018-2019 (@englahrr)
Bobby Fayard – Cavaliers 2015-2018, SCV 2019 (@bobby__x3)
Bryan Palos – Cavaliers 2017, SCV 2018-2019 (@bryan_palos)
Aashish Mavani – Cavaliers 2017-2018, SCV 2019 (@sheeshaashish)
Connor Vaselovic – Spirit 2015, Cavaliers 2016, 2018, SCV 2019 (@connor.vaselovic)
Billy Howell – Music City 2014, Cavaliers 2015, SCV 2019 (@billy_howell22)


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DCI 2019 Hype Video

As the 2019 Drum Corps International Tour starts up, I just wanted to take a look back at the 2018 season. The DCI world tour is by far my favorite part, and am sure many others as well. The footage was taken from the official DCI youtube channel.

Shout Out to all the Drum Corps:
The Academy
Blue Devils
Blue Knights
Blue Stars
Boston Crusaders
The Cadets
Carolina Crown
The Cavaliers
Jersey Surf
Madison Scouts
Oregon Crusaders Pacific Crest
Phantom Regiment
Santa Clara Vanguard
Spirit of Atlanta

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Aging Out of DCI/WGI: Behind a Cart

#266after85 #makewaves

Although I’ll never be able to march DCI/WGI again, I will always have the memories and friendships I’ve made along the way. If you were ever part of my journey through this activity, thank you.



The music used in this video is an arranged medley including:
·What Do I Desire – POW Percussion 2015 – Arranged/Composed by John Mapes and Ian Grom
·Brother – Pulse Percussion 2016 – Arranged/Composed by John Mapes and Ian Grom
·Letting Go – 2016 SCPA Composition Scholarship Recipient – Composed by Christian Do
·The Uninvited – Pulse Percussion 2017 – Arranged/Composed by John Mapes and Ian Grom
·Here’s to the Ones Who Dream – Pacific Crest 2018 – Arranged/Composed by Doug Thrower, Jonathan Zuniga, and Ezekiel Lanser
·Take It In – Composed by Christian Do for Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps 2018
·Divided We Fall – Pulse Percussion 2019 – Arranged/Composed by John Mapes and Ian Grom
·Sad Machine – Composed by Porter Robinson (for those late night car rides coming home from rehearsal)

DCI ASMR: Staff Quotes [Explicit]

The first video in a possible series featuring the allegedly spoken quotes of drum corps staff members in a parodical ASMR format. Made especially with the Friends of Rhode Island Police in mind.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and statements contained within are of satire and do not reflect the views of the Drum Corps International Corporation nor any of its affiliated members or corps or that of any member corps’ board members, students, or staff. This video is also not in any way affiliated with the Rhode Island Police or its representative individuals.
All names used within are of fiction and do not refer to actual people.