Seahawks Drumline | Triplet Rolls Exercise

The Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder playing through Triplet Rolls exercise during rehearsal on 9/12. Official Blue Thunder Information & Booking: Socials: ​​​INSTAGRAM ►► TWITTER ►► FACEBOOK ►► Other Videos: Hawk Smash Performance Piece: Pre-Season Gameday Hype Video: #Seahawks #Drumline #BlueThunder

LARvsSEA Seahawks Gameday | Blue Thunder Drumline – TNF!

#LARvsSEA #Seahawks #TNF [Gameday Hype Video for the Seahawks] Rams vs Seahawks Week 5 for some Thursday Night Football! Let’s Go Blue Thunder!

Seahawks Gameday OAKvsSEA | Blue Thunder Drumline

#OAKvsSEA #Seahawks #Drumline Blue Thunder is ready to get you out of your seats for the last pre season game of the year! Check the thumbnail Blue Thunder’s Twitter/IG/FB for today’s performance schedule.

Seahawks Drumline 2019 – Episode 5

Take an inside look at the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline in Episode 5 of BT 2019. This week we look at our traditional piece ‘Grid Iron’ and further develop the ‘Cadence Loop’ as well as ‘Luv Groove’. #Seahawks #Drumline #BT2019

Seahawks Drumline | Victory March AZvsSEA

The Seahawks Drumline ‘Blue Thunder’ marching out of the stadium after the win over the Arizona Cardinals. Go Hawks!

Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder | 2018 BDX Part 2

The Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder performs at the 10th annual GHS BDX Drumline Showcase. This piece is called ‘McNasty’

Seattle Pride Parade 2018 | Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder

The Seahawks Drumline “Blue Thunder” performing in the 2018 Seattle Pride Parade. This parade is a favorite of the members to perform for!

Seahawks Drumline | Snare and Cymbal Rock Out

Blue Thunder performing pre game during the 2017 season. This piece is called “Three Dollar” Video featuring looks at the snares and cymbals.

Blue Thunder Drumline Quad Cam POV l Mini Group

Go Pro Quad Cam POV from a Blue Thunder mini group performance. Gig Details: Roger Federer and Bill Gates celebrate played a doubles match against John Isner and Mike McCready at Key Arena on Saturday April 29th in Seattle at the Match for Africa 4, which supports the Roger Federer Foundation. Blue Thunder was part […]

Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder | 3/26 Rehearsal | Ape Escape

Check out a segment of our rehearsal from last weekend. The clip we are working on in the video is called “Ape Escape”. We like to have a lot of fun with this one.

Seahawks Drumline | Blue Thunder | “TPN”

Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder performing at Century Link Field after a win during the 2014/15 season.