3 Headed Monster

Multi Percussion Solo by Eric M. Carr. Performed by Eric 3-3-10 at his junior percussion recital for Rowan University. 3 Headed Monster is arranged for 4 tonal bass drums, set of 6 marching toms, 4 drumset toms, marching snare, drumset snare, 2 hi-hats (closed and open), ride cymbal, 2 crash cymbals, splash cymbal, and glockenspiel. […]

Afrodditty / Afrodditty 2

Afrodditty (for snare drum) and Afrodditty 2 (for timpani) performed at the same time. Some parts are in unison, and some are in a round. Performed by Eric Carr and Jaren Angud on 3-3-10 at Rowan University

Couch Lick

Two Good Looking guys Play a lick.

Eric Carr PASIC i&e 2010

“Street Cred”. 1st place tenor solo played at the encore performance.

Eric Carr tenor solo “Street Cred”

Eric Carr playing his solo “Street Cred” on his senior recital. Eric also won 1st place at PASIC 2010 i&e with Street Cred.

My Hertas

**Click the link for “Herta Time” sheet music** http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f269/underwatrdrummer/?action=view&current=HertaTime.jpg So your life is full of rhythm But the coolest one, easy decision In the PAS 40? I say no 1e& 2 &a 3 & YO You say you can’t hear it, you’re wrong It’s everywhere, not just in song You’re buckled up and in the […]

One Man Battery -Eric Carr

I performed this on my senior recital in 2011.


Tenor solo written by Eric M. Carr (inspired by Devon Bergman). Performed on 3-3-10 by Eric for his junior recital at Rowan University. FREE sheet music: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iLq_sJHZTKXMSJH9A2Ufy2o3_nIzowCl/view?usp=sharing

Sweets for Three Percussionists

Percussion Trio written by Eric M. Carr Performed by Greg Goushian, Eric Carr, and Gavin McCauley on 3-3-10 at Rowan University. Sweets for Three Percussionists is arranged for 6 concert toms, 4 closed hi-hats, and 3 soft rubber practice pads. For sheet music, contact Eric at [email protected]