My Hertas

**Click the link for “Herta Time” sheet music**

So your life is full of rhythm
But the coolest one, easy decision
In the PAS 40? I say no
1e& 2 &a 3 & YO

You say you can’t hear it, you’re wrong
It’s everywhere, not just in song
You’re buckled up and in the ride
Cuz it’s always herta time!

Hertas in the bathroom
Hertas in the Den
Hertas in the swimming pool
Hertas with my friends

Hertas on the rooftop
Hertas on the ground
Hertas on the sidewalk
Hertas with a clown

My, my hertas, my hertas, my hertas
Its my lovely little hertas at the beach

Find the herta:
Hertas on the boardwalk
Hertas in the sand
Hertas on the tramcar
Hertas while I tan

Hertas at the rest stop
Hertas on the drive
Hertas in a parked car
Now STOP! …herta time

You speak English? I speak drum
Herta herta ooze GAK BADUM
It’s a gorgeous phrase when you have that sound
A couple hertas, no messin’ around

Digga digga dap? NO
Booze dagak? NO
Flum flum digga flum flum dapack?
You could ask Greg, Jim, John, Mike or Bertha
And they’ll each say HERTA HERTA!

Hertas in the hallway
Hertas on a desk
Hertas in a trench coat
Hertas on my chest

Hertas on the swingset
Hertas on the slide
Hertas on the monkey bars
Hertas while I ride

My, my hertas, my hertas, my hertas
Its my lovely little hertas during class

Yes there’s hertas on the catwalk
Hertas on the stage
Hertas in the 12th row
Hertas on the page

Hertas on the stop sign
Hertas gettin’ low
Hertas in the crosswalk
Let’s GO!

If you’ve learned one thing today
The rhythm of life I’d hope you say
No, not the heartbeat, that’s a myth
Digga dap dap don’t you ever forget!

Loosin’ my patience tryin’ to clean these rolls
Paradiddlediddles all juxtaposed
When in doubt go back to the basics
Hertas all across the nation

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