POW Percussion 2022 – Wii Flams (The Remix)

‘Wii Flams’ by Cameron Ayers mixed with the backing track ‘Kaibutsu’ by YOASOBI during the second rep of the exercise.

Broken City Percussion – 2022 (Full Lot Warm-up) HQ Audio

BCP at the SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga Show on 02/12/22. The video quality is pretty bad because of low light but I think the audio came out pretty good. 0:00 – Cold Hands 2:05 – Neganacht 5:05 – Moeller Modulations 8:21 – DDL2 10:25 – SSL2 12:27 – 9r 14:04 – Flee.1 16:03 – Vortex

WGI 2022: Avon High School – IN THE LOT

Vic Firth presents AVON HIGH SCHOOL – the 2022 WGI GOLD MEDALIST Scholastic World ensemble IN THE LOT! Stay tuned for MORE videos from the lot in Dayton, OH! PIW Highlights: https://youtu.be/0R0tyM5LTf8 PSW Highlights: https://youtu.be/vCeqmw6qYzc ———————————————— FOLLOW US! ➤Website: http://www.vicfirth.com ➤YouTube: http://youtube.com/vicfirthdrumsticks ➤YouTube (Marching): http://youtube.com/vicfirthmarching ➤YouTube (Concert): http://youtube.com/vicfirthconcert ➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicfirth ➤Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicfirth

Cadets – 2021

Video taken by Logan Bolarinho

Avon HS – 2022 ‘The Playbook’ (Multi Cam)

Avon HS doing a production run of their show at WGI – Prelims on 04/21/22 (Special thanks to George Collins for letting me use some of the video he took of the same lot.)

RCC Indoor Percussion 2022 – (Lot Warmup)

RCC Indrro warming up at the SCPA show at Arcadia HS on 02/05/22

Cadets – 2021

Video taken by Logan Bolarinho

Rhythm X 2022 – Rehearsal Run Through

Rhythm X doing a show run at the end of a rehearsal block on 04/20/22.

RCC Indoor 2022 – ‘The End Is The Beginning’

RCC doing a production run of their show at SCPA – Semi Finals on 04/10/22

Pulse Percussion 2022 – Show Music

Pulse Percussion playing through their book at their preview show on 01/30/22