LEARN THE MUSIC | Dartmouth High School | “Behind The Mask” Snare

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND THE LOT with up close footage of Dartmouth High School’s 2020 Drumline performing their Fall production “Behind The Mask”. Keep perfecting your craft with this special Learn The Music feature of the Dartmouth Snareline. Grab your sticks and pad and get to learning! Learn it and share it using #vfMarching. […]

Ayala HS 2022 – Warm Up

Ayala HS warming up at SCPA – Monrovia at 03/05/22

RCC Indoor 2023 – ‘Home’

RCC Indoor performing their 2023 production at Riverside Community College.

Monarch 2023 – Warm Up

Monarch warming up for Finals at WGI – Katy, TX on 03/04/23. Shout out and special thanks to Monarch staff member, Aundray Edwards for letting me mic him up for the warm up (Although the mic only lasted 3/4 of the warm up before dying, it was all great stuff). 0:00 – Intro 0:25 – […]

Broken City Percussion – 2022 (Ensemble Chunks)

Broken City Percussion running some of their show music prior to the SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga HS show on 02/12/22

RCC Indoor 2023 – WGI Long Beach (Show Music)

Sorry for all the background noise, it was a crowded lot.

RCC – 2020 (Quads/Bass Subs)

a few short clips of the RCC quads and bassline warming up in subs at SCPA – Colony HS on 02/08/20

WGI 2022: PIW Highlight Reel

Vic Firth salutes WGI 2002 with Independent World excerpts from the 2022 WGI World Championships, including Pulse Percussion (Gold Medalist), Broken City (Bronze Medalist), United Percussion (Finalist), Infinity (Finalist), George Mason University (Finalist), POW Percussion (Finalist), Vigilantes (Finalist), Redline (Semi-Finalist), Dark Sky (Semi-Finalist) and STRYKE Percussion (Semi-Finalist). Check out the Scholastic World Highlight Reel: Stay […]

Chino Hills HS 2022 – Show Music

The Chino Hills HS battery playing through some of their show music in the lot at WGI – Temecula

Pulse – 2020 (Preview Show Warm Up)

The Pulse Percussion battery warming up before their afternoon Preview Show on 01-26-20.

United Percussion – 2022 (Battery Focus)

United Percussion in the lot at WGI – Semi Finals on 04/22/22