Vigilantes Indoor Percussion 2022 – Full Run (Multicam)

VIP doing a full run of their show at WGI – Finals on 04/23/22

Acadia HS – 2022 (Full Ensemble)

Arcadia HS doing a production run of their show at SCPA Championships on 04/16/22

Dark Sky Percussion – 2019

Dark Sky Percussion at WGI San Bernardino

Cadets Drumline 2021 – DCI Semis

The Cadets battery go through their pre show warm up with book chunks before DCI Semis 8/13/21

Red Wave 2022 – Full Warm Up

Red Wave Indoor Percussion warming up at WGI – San Bernardino on 03/27/22

LEARN THE MUSIC | Dartmouth High School | “Behind The Mask” Snare

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND THE LOT with up close footage of Dartmouth High School’s 2020 Drumline performing their Fall production “Behind The Mask”. Keep perfecting your craft with this special Learn The Music feature of the Dartmouth Snareline. Grab your sticks and pad and get to learning! Learn it and share it using #vfMarching. […]

DCCS Podcast Ep 10 – Mark Thurston (Part 3)

0:00 – WGI Percussion, “On any given day anybody can be champion” 4:14 – Memorable moments in WGI Percussion 8:59 – Looking at the Scholastic World division from the bottom up. 10:26 – Creative freedom of indoor percussion 14:26 – Adjudication 17:23 – WGI’s impact on drum corps

Pacific Crest Drumline 2021 – 7/31 Rose Bowl – Show Music

The Pacific Crest drum corps battery runs through their show music 7/31/21 at the Rose Bowl

Civitas 2022 – Production Run

Civitas doing a production run at WGI – Finals on 04/23/22

Dark Sky Percussion 2022 – GÅP (Ensemble Run)

DSP doing an ensemble run through of their 2022 production at SCPA – Monrovia

1994 – Blue Knights (06/19/1994)

Early season Blue Knights performing at East LA City College on 06/19/1994.