Peanuts (Charlie Brown Theme) on Tenors || Learn the Beats

Full “Peanuts” Tenor I&E from my Jr. Recital: FREE sheet music: Merch – Insta – Twitter – My Website –

2014 Mike Eagle Nick Angelis Mike Hodges Trio “Hopefully Heroic”

A trio piece written and performed by Mike Eagle, Nick Angelis and Mike Hodges entitled “Hopefully Heroic.” Recorded at the 2014 PASIC Convention in Indianapolis, IN.

Eric Carr tenor solo “Street Cred”

Eric Carr playing his solo “Street Cred” on his senior recital. Eric also won 1st place at PASIC 2010 i&e with Street Cred.

Eric Carr PASIC i&e 2010

“Street Cred”. 1st place tenor solo played at the encore performance.


Tenor solo written by Eric M. Carr (inspired by Devon Bergman). Performed on 3-3-10 by Eric for his junior recital at Rowan University. FREE sheet music: