A Weekend At WGI 2019 Fresno Regional VLOG

I partnered up with WGI to record video of the 2019 WGI Fresno regional in Merced California. This is what happened… . -QuadLogiX . . . Track: “Ganja” – Ooyy Track: “Mind” – Karol Tip Edit

Red Wave Indoor 2019 | Multi-Cam

-RED WAVE INDOOR 2019 FINALS RUN -SJVcgpr CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 . -I went to SJV Finals at Clovis North HS to see what the central valley groups had to show for champs. Red Wave performed back to back so I recorded both runs and created this multi-cam.. Check out Red Wave in Dayton Ohio for WGI […]

Red Wave Indoor 2020 | In The Lot |

The final rehearsal of the 2020 indoor percussion season…