Seahawks Drumline | Triplet Rolls Exercise

The Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder playing through Triplet Rolls exercise during rehearsal on 9/12. Official Blue Thunder Information & Booking: Socials: ​​​INSTAGRAM ►► TWITTER ►► FACEBOOK ►► Other Videos: Hawk Smash Performance Piece: Pre-Season Gameday Hype Video: #Seahawks #Drumline #BlueThunder

Jingle Bells (Drums) | Seahawks Drumline

#Seahawks #Drumline #SFvsSEA Happy Blue Friday 12s! Enjoy the Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder 2019 version of Jingle Bells aka Jingle Drums. Keeping it festive as we get ready for the return of Beast Mode this weekend! Go Hawks!

Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder 2019 | MNF Warmups

#Seahawks #Drumline #Bluethunder The Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder warming up outside Century Link Field before the Monday Night Football game MINvsSEA. 8s / Double Beat / Funky Rolls Unfortunately we were on a hurry schedule to get to taping for MNF Countdown so I was unable to get our height exercise as well.

LARvsSEA Seahawks Gameday | Blue Thunder Drumline – TNF!

#LARvsSEA #Seahawks #TNF [Gameday Hype Video for the Seahawks] Rams vs Seahawks Week 5 for some Thursday Night Football! Let’s Go Blue Thunder!

NOvsSEA Seahawks Gameday | Blue Thunder Drumline

#NOvsSEA #Seahawks #Drumline Gameday Hype Video for the Seahawks! Seahawks vs Saints Week 3! Let’s Go Blue Thunder!

Seahawks Drumline 2019 – Episode 6

This week in Episode 6 of BT 2019 we read an arrangement of “Uptown Funk” as performed by the Steelers Drumline. We also install latin piece “Mano Huevo” written by our own Matt P #Seahawks #Drumline #BT2019

Seahawks Drumline 2019 – Episode 5

Take an inside look at the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline in Episode 5 of BT 2019. This week we look at our traditional piece ‘Grid Iron’ and further develop the ‘Cadence Loop’ as well as ‘Luv Groove’. #Seahawks #Drumline #BT2019

Seahawks Drumline 2019 – Episode 1

We started the 16th year of Blue Thunder with a 2 day audition process in late March. This is a new YouTube series aimed to give you more of an inside look at how the Seahawks Drumline works! Musicians auditioned individually on Saturday performing a 60 second prepared piece as well as the audition music […]

Snare and Tenor Solo | Seahawks Drumline

TJ & David bringing some heat on their duet solo! #FlashbackFriday #NFLDrumlines

Seahawks Drumline | Victory March AZvsSEA

The Seahawks Drumline ‘Blue Thunder’ marching out of the stadium after the win over the Arizona Cardinals. Go Hawks!

Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder | 2018 BDX Part 2

The Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder performs at the 10th annual GHS BDX Drumline Showcase. This piece is called ‘McNasty’

Seattle Pride Parade 2018 | Seahawks Drumline Blue Thunder

The Seahawks Drumline “Blue Thunder” performing in the 2018 Seattle Pride Parade. This parade is a favorite of the members to perform for!