2022 Bluecoats Snare line at DCI Finals!

2022 Bluecoats snare line at DCI Finals throwing some fire in the lot in Indianapolis! This crew took home the Fred Sanford High Percussion award for the first time this year and were absolutely deserving! Incredible job Bluecoats! Can’t wait to see you again this summer!


Here is our first ever Product Review Vlog ever on DrumlineAV! Today we are going in depth on the Innovative Percussion Shane Gwaltney Marching Snare Stick or FS-SG Model. See these sticks in action(2017 Music City Mystique): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEbuNFod4WQ We thoroughly enjoyed playing with this particular snare stick and recommend purchasing from any of the following […]

WGI St. Louis Regional Review – DrumlineAV Vlog Episode 2

Our second episode! DrumlineAV was at the WGI St. Louis Regional this weekend and saw a ton of groups! This vlog is our review of the event and what we thought about what we saw. If you plan on going to future WGI events, be sure to visit www.WGI.org for event information and tickets! Also […]