The Blue Devils 2019 Victory Run (4K) – Ghostlight

The Blue Devils’ encore performance of their show “Ghostlight” at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis on august 10th 2019 . Filmed on Sony XPERIA XZ2 Compact : AmazonAssociate Links give me up to an 8% kickback on any purchase you made in the same sale session on Amazon. Just clicking on the link […]

Carolina Crown 2018 | Hornline [UltraWide / Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline warms up on their tuning sequence based on their new closer in Akron on June 23, 2018. Check back soon for more DCI 2018 brass warm-up footage!

5 minutes of the funniest DCI moments of ALL time!

pog All credit goes to the original uploaders. Especially the blue devils because i don’t want them to be mad at me. Also to flomarching. I don’t own any of this footage or audio.

Carolina Crown 2019 | Tuning Sequence [Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline plays their tuning sequence in the lot at NightBEAT!! Enjoy Carolina Crown BRASS and check back soon for more 2019 DCI and DCA content!