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Blue Knights 2019 | Hornline [Quality Audio]

Blue Knights brass play “Away” last night before their DCI Prelims performance. Stay tuned for 2019 DCI Finals hornline warm-ups!!!

Gold 2019 | Brass Warmup [Quality Audio]

Gold Drum & Bugle Corps 2019 hornline warms up before their performance at DCI Open Class Finals in Marion IN, on August 6, 2019. Check back soon for more videos!

Carolina Crown 2019 | Tuning Sequence [Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline plays their tuning sequence in the lot at NightBEAT!! Enjoy Carolina Crown BRASS and check back soon for more 2019 DCI and DCA content!

Colts 2019 | Hornline [Quality Audio]

Colts 2019 hornline warms up on Colt 45 and “The Inferno” on June 23 in Zionsville IN and June 25 in Hamilton OH. Check back soon for more DCI 2019 brass in the lot!!

Blue Stars 2019 | “Bb Hype” [Quality Audio]

Blue Stars 2019 hornline plays their warm-up, “B-Flat Hype.” THAT’S a crescendo!!! Check back soon for more DCI 2019 content!!

US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps 2018 | Hornline Warmup

The Commandant’s Own plays their 2018 ballad, “Farewell Life” in Massillon on August 6, 2018. Catch them this Saturday at DCI Finals and check back soon for more brass warmups!

Music City 2018 | Brass Ensemble [Quality Audio]

Music City Drum and Bugle Corps brass ensemble performs at DCI 2018 Performers Showcase. Stay tuned for more hornline content from Indianapolis!

Boston Crusaders 2018 | Hornline [UltraWide / Quality Audio]

What’s it like to stand in front of the BAC 2018 hornline? Loud. Boston Crusaders brass warm up in the lot on GoT, progression #14 and show content.

Carolina Crown 2018 | Hornline [UltraWide / Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline warms up on their tuning sequence based on their new closer in Akron on June 23, 2018. Check back soon for more DCI 2018 brass warm-up footage!

Heat Wave 2017 | Hornline [Quality Audio]

Heat Wave still has open spots!!! Trumpet, marimba, and vibe!! Brass contact: [email protected] / Percussion contact: [email protected] Move-ins are NOW, so please help fill these spots!! Visit heatwavedrumcorps.com for more info. Throwback!! Heat Wave Drum & Bugle Corps brass line plays their Jupiter warmup progression last year.

Bluecoats 2017 | Warmup + The Boxer [Quality Audio]

Bluecoats hornline warms up in Pittsburgh on June 27!! Includes warmup chorales and show content, including Thumbs, Zomby Woof, and an encore performance of The Boxer with Rhythm IN BLUE!! A rare treat to hear both Frank Zappa as well as Simon and Garfunkel in the same warm-up! Enjoy Bluecoats brass in the lot and […]

Boston Crusaders 2017 | Hornline [Quality Audio]

Boston Crusaders hornline warms up in Massillon on June 24, 2017. Includes Virtual Hornline, and show content! Enjoy BAC brass and check back soon for more DCI 2017 content!!