Atlanta Quest 2022 – Bass Subs

The Atlanta Quest bassline in subs at WGI – Prelims in Dayton OH on 04/21/22

Atlanta Quest 2022 – Prelims Warm Up

AQ warming up at WGI – Prelims on 04/21/22

Avon HS – 2022 ‘The Playbook’ (Multi Cam)

Avon HS doing a production run of their show at WGI – Prelims on 04/21/22 (Special thanks to George Collins for letting me use some of the video he took of the same lot.)

Ayala HS 2022 – Warm Up

Ayala HS warming up at SCPA – Monrovia at 03/05/22

Bakersfield College – 2022 (Warm Up)

Bakersfield College at WGI – Temecula

Bakersfield College 2022 – Ensemble Run Thru

Bakersfield College doing an ensemble run through of their 2022 production at WGI – San Bernardino on 03/26/22

Blue Stars Drumline 2021 – DCI Prelims – Show Music

The Blue Stars battery runs through their book before DCI Prelims 8/12/21

Blue Stars Drumline 2021 – DCI Prelims – Warm Ups

The Blue Stars battery goes through their warm up sequence before DCI Prelims 8/12/21

Bluecoats 2016 “Down Side Up” FULL SHOW MULTICAM | DCI San Antonio

The Bluecoats 2016 “Down Side Up” full show at dci san antonio #DCI #TheBluecoats #DownSideUp

Bluecoats 2021 – Finals Week Percussion Run Thru

My SD card ran out at the end and last few seconds of the run through are cut off. Sorry

Bluecoats Drumline 2021 – DCI Finals – Rehearsal Warm Ups

The Bluecoats battery goes through an abbreviated warm up sequence at DCI Finals Day rehearsal including a rare drum solo by Roger.