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    I have never been to a dci event in person. Until yesterday when I had the pleasure of getting to attend my first event ever. Let me start with this: everyone I met was so excited about what they were going to see or had seen that it blew me away! And the shows themselves were unforgettable!

    favorite shows of the night would have to be as follows:

    Cavs- so bright and happy at the end it just put a smile on my face!

    BAC- what an incredible story of hope and redemption!

    Mandarins- the way they were able to slowly descend into chaos and then come back into something pure and vibrant was awesome

    Music City- their ballad gave me my first ever “wow this is cool” moment. And they were the first group I saw! The drill told a really easy to pick up on story and it was just incredible!


    However even though I may have favorites, every show did not fail to have me say at least once, if not over and over again, “wow, just wow” and I was moved like a performance never has before.

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