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    Drummy McDrumface

    “If you know me as a performer or instructor, you know that I have what some may consider unreasonably high standards when it comes to implement quality. I’m always trying new things, and searching through sometimes hundreds of sticks at Steve Weiss Music to find the 3 – 5 pairs that meet my standards. I literally will not order anything online form anyone.

    I had a unique experience today.

    I went through 24 pairs of the new Tim Fairbanks Firegrain marching snare sticks by Promark. 23/24 were great! The 1 pair put to the side felt great, but was only slightly off in pitch matching. I took 9 home with me.

    In talking with Tim about the stick before it came to market, he said that I would be impressed with the consistency and quality that ProMark is currently delivering. He told no lies.

    I will be promptly switching my program to ProMark.

    If you believe that there is such thing as playing with too much velocity or weight, these are the sticks for you.

    If you use your stick to propel you through the musical phrase, these are the sticks for you.

    If you have young performers who are still working on rebounding rim shots and chewing through sticks, these are the sticks for you. The gocks and pings I played hardly damaged them, and they’re still untaped.

    Minimal effort. Maximum sound. Great balance. Durability.

    Oh, do yourself a favor and use the System Blue snare head by Evans Drumheads. It feels great on the hands.”

    -Josh Campbell

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