Monarch 2023 – Warm Up

Monarch warming up for Finals at WGI – Katy, TX on 03/04/23. Shout out and special thanks to Monarch staff member, Aundray Edwards for letting me mic him up for the warm up (Although the mic only lasted 3/4 of the warm up before dying, it was all great stuff).

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Mike Withoutski II
1:03 – Leghettos
5:29 – Moeyér
8:00 – DBL
11:50 – PDD
14:30 – Sir Flam-a-Lot
16:15 – Trolls

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the snare players here was center snare for the Boston Crusaders last year, and another quad player within the same Crusaders battery last year?


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