RCC Bass – 2020

The RCC bassline warming up playing some exercises at WGI Temecula on 02/23/20

Broken City Percussion 2022 – Full Warm up

BCP warming up at WGI – San Bernardino on 03/26/22 0:00 – Cold Hands 2:15 – Neganacht 5:21 – Moeller Modulations 7:30 – DDL2 9:38 – SSL2 11:43 – 9r 13:23 – Flee.1 15:20 – Vortex

Pulse Percussion – 2020 (Warm-Up/Snares Focus)

Video focusing on the Pulse snareline warming up at SCPA – Temescal Canyon on 03/08/20.


Vic Firth takes you BEYOND THE LOT with “Moondance” from the 2021 Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps. In this video, you’ll first see the full tune played at 100% speed with the snares, tenors and bass line together, then we’ll break it down with the notation on the screen – first with snares & basses […]

Broken City Percussion – 2022 (Ensemble Chunks)

Broken City Percussion running some of their show music prior to the SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga HS show on 02/12/22

WGI 2022: PIW Highlight Reel

Vic Firth salutes WGI 2002 with Independent World excerpts from the 2022 WGI World Championships, including Pulse Percussion (Gold Medalist), Broken City (Bronze Medalist), United Percussion (Finalist), Infinity (Finalist), George Mason University (Finalist), POW Percussion (Finalist), Vigilantes (Finalist), Redline (Semi-Finalist), Dark Sky (Semi-Finalist) and STRYKE Percussion (Semi-Finalist). Check out the Scholastic World Highlight Reel: Stay […]

WGI 2022: Broken City – IN THE LOT

Vic Firth presents BROKEN CITY – the 2022 WGI BRONZE MEDALIST Independent World ensemble IN THE LOT! Stay tuned for MORE videos from the lot in Dayton, OH! PIW Highlights: https://youtu.be/0R0tyM5LTf8 PSW Highlights: https://youtu.be/vCeqmw6qYzc ———————————————— STICKS: Snare line: #vfSRC – Roger Carter Signature Series https://vicfirth.zildjian.com/sticks1/marching/corpsmaster-snare/corpsmasterr-signature-snare-roger-carter.html Tenor line: #vfSMJ – Mike Jackson Signature Series https://vicfirth.zildjian.com/corpsmasterr-signature-snare-mike-jackson.html ———————————————— […]

Pulse Quads – 2020

Focus on the Pulse Quads playing through some exercises at SCPA – Temescal Canyon on 03/08/20

Chino Hills HS 2022 – Show Music

The Chino Hills HS battery playing through some of their show music in the lot at WGI – Temecula

Pulse – Singles 2020

Multicam video of Pulse playing their singles exercise in the lot at SCPA – Temescal Canyon on 03/08/20