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2019 Beyond Boundaries

It’s time to go #BeyondBoundaries


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Regiment 2019 Vlog Ep. 13 // Michelle

We’re back with another special vlog from one of our amazing volunteers, Michelle! Ever wonder what it takes to feed an entire drum corps? Hint: It involves 25 pounds of peanut butter a day. #Regiment19

If you would like to help feed Phantom Regiment, go to regiment.org/fueledbyphans for info!

Phantom Regiment 2019 – Concert in the Park

It was a big week for the Phantom Regiment as they unveiled their new uniforms and had their first public performance of “I Am Joan.”

We spoke to some of their members about the excitement surrounding both

#DCI2019 Season Preview

The 2019 Drum Corps International Tour steps off in a matter of days. Before you head to Ford Field in Detroit, or one of hundreds of movie theaters nationwide to watch the premiere, take a look behind the curtain at what last year’s Top 12 World Class corps are putting on the field this year with DCI’s Dan Potter and DCI artistic director Lee Carlson. Full interview: http://bit.ly/FieldPassDCI2019Preview

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