10 Highest Scoring DCI Shows of the Decade (2010-2019)

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Sean Holmes 12th Place 2019 Snare Solo [HQ Audio]

12th Place 2019 I&E Performers Showcase Snare Solo – 73.0 Sean Holmes representing the Diplomats Drum and Bugle Corps performing his 2019 Snare solo.

The Best DCI Moments of the 20th Century

[insert g-bugle joke here] DCI was a much different landscape than it is today. The 80s marked a flourish in the drum corps world and the 90s brought us some of the most energetic shows in history. Here are 18 clips from 15 shows that display a taste of what the 20th century had to […]

Behind the Gock Block (pilot) C.H.I.P. 2019 Show Announcement “Chickens and Demons”

Meet the staff and members for Carrmen Heights Indoor Percussion 2019! We are all really excited to start working on our production “Chickens and Demons”. Keep a look out for us as we tour the WGI circuit! Merch – https://www.redbubble.com/people/emcproductions Insta – https://www.instagram.com/underwatrdrummr Twitter – https://twitter.com/emcdrums My Website – https://emcproductions.org Check out Doom Blade on […]

Madison Scouts 2014 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

Madison Scouts hornline warms up for their 2014 DCI Finals and Semifinals performances on August 9 and 8. Includes an exercise, a show excerpt, and the corps song of Madison Scouts, You’ll Never Walk Alone / MYNWA. Enjoy Madison Scouts brass!

Cavaliers 2013 – Hornline in the Cage [Quality Audio]

The Cavaliers hornline warming up (and the full corps rehearsing) in Allentown, PA on August 3, 2013, one week before finals. Enjoy Cavaliers brass!

Carolina Crown 2013 – Hornline [Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline rehearsing parts of their show in Allentown, PA on August 3, 2013, one week before finals. Be sure to check out my 2015 Carolina Crown brass lot warmup video!