Coffin Dance…but it’s played on a coffin (INSANE remix)

Video was filmed at Busch Gardens Williamsburg by JM Music Design Performed by Jacob McCormick, Kelly Mills, Mike Moore, and Nick Roberts Monster Stomp: Knife Drumming 2018 – Tony Igy – Astronomia (Official Video) ––cxZbnmmoc Patreon – Merch Store – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website […]

Hawaii Five-0 Drum Fill with 639 Drums

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Best 2014 DCI Moments – 1080p HD

Sorry folks, FloSports has begun taking down my videos (2015 & 2016 are down). Trying to assess my options, but we all might be out of luck. Thanks to all of my fans out there and go see a show! Best moments of 2014 Drum Corps International. Corps in appearance: Boston Crusaders – Animal Farm […]


Who do you think will win? Compose a comment below! Part 2: Drum Battle Playlist: Follow everyone on Instagram: Yung Skeeter: Joseph Mama: Linda – Rebecca – Scotty Pipes – Steven – Lil’ Peanut – Manny McMann – Masked Guy – Chip Tooth – […]

EMC Lick Compilation #1

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EMC 2018 Rewind || 10K Sub Giveaway Drawing

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🔴LIVE – Marines Drum Cadences (split screen) #DigitalDrumlineProject

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A Drum Battle Against Myself #StuckAtHomeDrumChallenge (COOP3RDRUMM3R and Sweetwater)

I took on COOP3RDRUMM3R and Sweetwater’s #StuckAtHomeDrumChallenge. COOP3RDRUMM3R is picking his favorite videos to feature on his channel. The top 5 will be winning some very cool prizes as well. Patreon – Merch Store – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website – SubReddit – COOP3RDRUM3R’s #StuckAtHomeDrumChallenge […]

Best DCI Moments of 2019 Semifinalists (13th-25th)

This video is more specifically best hornline moments. I will be making a later video for best hornline moments for finalists (top 12), so if you go ahead and subscribe then you’ll be notified when that comes out. I just did this video first since I’m biased to my own corps ;). I do not […]

I Did Band Homework For Schools I Don’t Go To #2

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A Conversation with RALPH HARDIMON, hosted by Neil Larrivee

Welcome to the first of a SEVEN PART series with the legendary Vic Firth signature artist and DCI Hall of Fame member, Ralph Hardimon! In our first installment, Ralph talks about his early years as a child growing up in a musical family and his first teaching & writing experiences in the Anaheim Kingsmen. JOIN […]

The Hardest Glockenspiel Feature of 2019

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