Product Spotlight: Thom Hannum “Beast” (STH4)

The STH4 Thom Hannum “Beast” Stick is the newest model Marching Percussion Signature Snare Stick by Vic Firth. Originally created as a custom stick for Carolina Crown to use in their 2018 production of “Beast” at DCI, Thom’s new stick is capable of delivering a huge sound without feeling unwieldy. It is easily controlled and […]

How to Light Drumsticks on Fire and NOT DIE

This is really dangerous and should not be attempted. But if you’re gonna do it, I wanna see a video. Merch – Insta – Twitter – My Website –

2020 Western Carolina University Drumline | “Uninvited”

The students and staff of the 2020 “Pride of the Mountains” Marching Percussion Section are proud to present their 2020 production entitled: “UNINVITED” ————— STICKS & ACCESSORIES: SNARES – #vfms5 – CORPSMASTER® SNARE — MS5 SNARE STICKS TENORS – #vfSCM – CORPSMASTER® SIGNATURE SNARE — COLIN MCNUTT BASS – CORPSMASTER® BASS MALLET — […]