Robert Martinez

RCC Bass – 2020

Short clip of RCC Bass throwing down in subs at WGI – Temecula

RCC – 2020 (Ensemble Run/Multicam)

RCC doing an ensemble run through in the lot at WGI – Temecula on 02/23020

Broken City Percussion – 2020 (Music/Battery Only)

The Broken City Percussion battery running some music in the lot.

Chino Hills HS Percussion – 2020 (Warm Up)

Chino Hills HS Percussion warming up at SCPA – Monrovia HS on 02/15/20

Broken City Percussion – 2020 (Ensemble Run)

Broken City Percussion doing an ensemble run at SCPA – Monrovia on 02/16/20

Chino Hills HS Drumline – 2020

Chino Hills HS playing through their show music in the lot at SCPA – Monrovia HS on 02/15/20

Ayala HS – 2020

Ayala HS in the lot at the SCPA – Colony HS show on 02/08/20.

Pulse – 2020

Pulse 2020 preparing for their first public performance of the 2020 season on 01-26-20.

2003 SCV Drumline

2003 SCV drumline warming up and playing part of their show.

1994 SCV Drumline

1994 SCV drumline warming up at the Concord Pavilion

Broken City Percussion – 2018 (Negenacht)

BCP 2018 warming up at the SCPA – Rancho Cucamonga Show