Robert Martinez

1993 – Cavaliers (Early Season)

Early season Cavaliers from 1993 in Long Beach, California

1999 – Blue Devils

1999 Blue Devils rehearsal run through and drumline lot warm-up

1994 – Blue Devils (Show)

1994 BD performing their show and the victory run through afterwards.

1989 – UNT Drumline (2)

Unknown performance by the 1989 UNT drumline.

1989 – UNT drumline

Unknown performance by the 1989 UNT drumline.

1986 – Blue Devils (Early Season)

Early season 1986 Blue Devils at Bakersfield College

1986 – SCV (Early Season)

Early Season Santa Clara Vanguard at Bakersfield College.

SCV Cadets – 1993

Short video of the early season SCV Cadets warming up in the lot.

Chino Hills HS – Fall 2019 (Show Music) HQ Audio

Chino Hills HS playing through their show music at WBA – Fresno Prelims. Headphones or good stereo system recommended.

1992 SCV Cadets

Short video of the 1992 Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets in the lot.