2019 Blue Stars – FULL SHOW

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND the lot with the BLUE STARS as they perform their 2019 production “Call Of The Wild” during finals week in Indianapolis, IN! EIGHT HD cameras you WON’T see anywhere else!


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#vfSMG – Murray Gusseck Signature Series

Corpsmaster® Marching Bass Mallets


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  1. Dang… now THAT is a rehearsal field. None of the fancy stadium and artificial field turf. Faded lines, dying grass, sun in the eyes of the DM and staff. It brings back so many memories. Congratulations on the great season and the wonderful show, Blue Stars.

  2. Blue Stars have really been bringing it the past 3-4 years. I hope to see them break the top 5 in a few years with the stuff they’ve been doing.


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