Bass Drum Solos That Bring Joy to My Heart

Which Bass Solo is your favorite? I think mine is the chicken suit feature. You can never have enough chicken.

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
Download these beats here –

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Videos used for this compilation:

Experiment 0000001 –
Mario Extreme –
3 Headed Monster –
My Hertas –
Conga –
One Man Battery –
Unforgivable –
Infinity 2014 iPhone Cover –
Trump vs Hillary Drum Battle –
Super Bowl Drum Battle –
All Star –
Michael Myers Theme –
Failure –
The Random Bass Lick –
Hava Nagila –
The Hardest Bass Feature of 2020 –
The Hardest Closer of 2020 –
Going and Going Easter Special –
Freak Show –
Davie504 Bass Drum Cover –
The Hardest Pre Show of 2019 –
The Hardest Opener of 2019 –
Davie504 Unknown Bassline (27 Drums) –
Digital Drumline Project (Learn the Beats) –
Davie504 Epic Battle (69 Drums) –
Worthless –
69er –

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Comment (133)

  1. A few bass solos were left out due to copyright issues. Links to ALL the bass videos are in the description!


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