Reacting to Jig 2 Tenor Solos

Free sheet music, click track, and details to enter the Jig 2 collab (shout out to Gabe Beebe for the MuseScore arrangement!):

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
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Steven Theme:
Music: Lazy Dally Comedy by, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Videos that were featured (in order of appearance):

Pep rally battle

Atlanta Drum Academy – no rim ticks

We are #1

Bass Drums – no rim ticks

Panda Head

Trio – no rim ticks

Pots and Pans

Backwards, upside down (battle)

Upside Down battle

Regular, Upside Down, and Bass Drums guy

Drum Set Marimba

Red Pad – no rim ticks

Low tuned drums


Two kids

Drum Cam – No Rim Ticks

Xmas Lights


Blindfolded 2

GoPro Helmet Cam

Triple Toms

Tenor & snare solos (pep rally)

Tenor + Snare Solo

Quarantine Duet

Football Game (Red Drums)

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Comment (222)

  1. OH MY GOODNESsHh! That Shnare Ssolo was Sssuper tough to transsscribe, but I did it!! Alsso, all videosh featshured in this are in the dessscripshun…Eeeheheheheh!

  2. lmao i was surprised i was in this. i forgot i made that video! i was so bad hahaha. thanks for critiquing it!


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