DCCS Podcast Ep 10 – Mark Thurston (Part 1)

George and Rob chat with drum corps legend and WGI Director of Percussion Mark Thurston about his time in the marching arts.

Time Code
0:00 – Intro
2:39 – The beginning
7:40 – Going to Crossmen in 1979
12:05 – Early 1980’s Crossmen
15:59 – 1982 Crossmen, too clean too early
21:34 – Robbie Robinson and DCI I&E
24:50 – Thom Hannum and Chris Thompson
27:33 – Continuing in drum corps after aging out

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Comment (2)

  1. I marched in the snare line with Spirit of Atlanta in 1980 and we combined with
    the Crossmen after a show. Float ran a few exercises and it was a cool thing.
    The horn lines combined also. I think Ott climbed on top of one of the buses
    to conduct the horn lines. We seemed to be at all of the same shows with
    Crossmen that year, especially first tour. Memories!


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