Carolina Crown 2019 Battery – DCI Tour Premier (Show Music)

Brand new footage of the 2019 Carolina Crown battery. An insane amount of quality and it’s only June. Can’t wait to see where this line goes this summer.

Davie504 Unknown Bassline Challenge (🅱️assss VS bAss Battle?)

I challenge Davie504 to a Bass(guitar) VS Bass(drum) battle! I’ll post the sheet music to this after he reviews the submissions. Don’t want anyone cheating off my transcription 🙂 Davie’s unkown bassline challenge video: Details for entering my audition contest: Patreon – Merch Store – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – […]

Reviewing the WORST Auditions of 2019

Who did the worst? Compose a comment below! EMC Reaction Videos playlist – Merch – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website – Sans (8 likes #1) asked to me share that his tape was intended to be a “best audition” for the beginning half. Then he switched […]

Blue Knights Drumline 2019

DCI 2019 The Blue Knights Drumline in the lot playing show music. 7/6/2019. Renton Memorial Show DCI Seattle Summer Music Games — If you enjoy this content please consider subbing to support channel. I will be in Indy for Performers Showcase all the way to Finals Please comment which lines you would like to see. […]

A Drum Cypher to End World Sickness

All advertisement revenue from this video will be donated to the World Health Organization. Please watch at least 0:31 into the add breaks (or else I don’t get paid!). Help spread the word by sharing this video, clicking the like button, and composing some comments! Song – “Corona” by Chuki Beats Patreon – […]

The Hardest Snare Feature of 2019 || Carrmen Heights Indoor Percussion

What’s weird about 9 grown men wearing masks hanging out on a playground??? FREE sheet music: Merch – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website –

“Drum Battle of the Bastards” || G.O.T. Drum Battle

Free sheet music: Songs used: “Panic” by Marc Ernst – “Epic” by 魔界Symphony – “Sim Card” by John Provost Merch – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website –

The GREATEST Tenor Feature of 2020 || Music Stand Audition Review

EMC Marching Madness 2020 is under way! Search for #EMCMarchingMadness2020 and like the entries you want to see in the tournament. For details on how to enter, watch this video: Patreon – Merch Store – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website – SubReddit –

“Worthless” Drumline Cover || The Brave Little Toaster

FREE sheet music – Patreon – Merch Store – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website – SubReddit – To enter the EMC 2020 Indoor Drumline Contest: 1 – Get permission from your director 2 – Upload a video of your indoor line onto YouTube (must […]


Who do you think will win? Compose a comment below! Part 2: Drum Battle Playlist: Follow everyone on Instagram: Yung Skeeter: Joseph Mama: Linda – Rebecca – Scotty Pipes – Steven – Lil’ Peanut – Manny McMann – Masked Guy – Chip Tooth – […]

“Jig 2” Drumline Cadence – Full Breakdown (Learn the Beats)

Featuring the wonderful and hyperactive students of Highland Regional HS Indoor Percussion Ensemble Sheet Music: Merch – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website –

Part 2 – My Trip to WGI Percussion World Championships || EMC VLog

The lot hype was real. Merch – Insta – Twitter – Facebook – My Website –