Actually…PERCUSSION is the Hardest Instrument (TwoSetViolin and Davie504 Roast)

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Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
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The Craziest Drum Solo Ever! –

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DCI 2010: Carolina Crown, Battery Rehearsal –


Slide Whistle Solo by Tom Goslin –

Bach Cello Suite 1, Prelude (performed on marimba) –

DCI 2010: Carolina Crown, Front Ensemble Warmups –

Should Stevie T Join DragonForce? –

5 Most Difficult Violin Pieces –

“100 Percussion Instruments” Lyrics:

I’m a local rap legend playin’ my boobam
Clappin ma’ hands, steel pans, gongs, and my tam-tam

Timbale or Timbal? How ‘bout a water gong?
Pallet drum, practice pad, pixiphone and pantalon

Sound the siren, honk the Taxi Horn
I be Slappin’ that conga just like I’m Davie504 (epic)

Marimba, Kalimba, Zabumba, Bata Drum, Bell Tree, Berimbau
Bongo, Bell plate, Shaker, Cuica, Whistle, Whip, and Xylorima

“Woo” goes the train whistle, “Scratch” goes the Turntables
“Boom” Bass Drum, “Gack” snare drum, “Skow Skow” tenors

Anvil, Caxixi, a cymbal with the sizzle
Play with my slit drum and blow on my slide whistle

Sleigh Bells, Surdo, Tabla, Wind Chimes, Hi Hat, Rattle
Triangle, Cymbal Stack, Djembe, Crash Cymbal, Clay Drum, Crotale

Chimes and Handbells and Roto Tom jammin
More cowbell and a mother Flippin cannon

Tom Tom, Thunder Sheet, North Drum, Timpani
Flexitone, Stick Clicks, Egg Shaker all I need

Glockenspiel is so fun to say
Gimme Clave, Guirro, Slap Stick, Hand Pan, China Cymbal any day.

Hey guess what! I betcha didn’t see
Your Body is percussion and that includes your peepee

Glass Harp and Vibes and a marching machine
With my floor gang PewDiePie tambourine

Ride Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Lion’s Roar, Suspended Cymbal
Cuica, Cabasa, Beat Boxing, Shekere, Rainstick, and Mark Tree

Octobans and cajon’s what I need
With my Boomwacker, Frame Drum, and wind machine

Brake Drum, Maracas, Castanets
With my Vibraslap and Finger Cymbal, I say bet

Ocean Drum, Log Drum, Taiko, Agogo
Never leave home without my cricket and my xylophone

Practice all day every day or you be tic kin’
But the best of all is the Chicken

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Percussion = BIG BRAIN
3:39 – The Hardest Violin Solo on Marimba
4:55 – A challenge for non-percussionists
5:21 – Enlisting in #TeamBass
5:39 – Triangle is BAE
7:12 – 100 Percussion Instruments – rap song
9:06 – I LUV Chicken

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  1. Lyrics for the “100 Percussion Instruments” rap song are in the description. Feel free to sing along!


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