Boston Crusaders 2021 Full Production | BEYOND THE LOT

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND the lot with the BOSTON CRUSADERS as they perform their 2021 production “Zoom” during the DCI Celebration week in Indianapolis, IN! ————— STICKS & MALLETS USED: #vfSCM – Colin McNutt Signature Series #vfMT1AS – MT1A-S CORPSMASTER® MULTI-TENOR MALLETS – EXTRA HARD, EXTRA HEAVY GAUGE SHAFT #vfMarching – CORPSMASTER® […]

Blue Stars 2021 Full Production | BEYOND THE LOT

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND the lot with the BLUE STARS as they perform their 2021 production “Top of the World” during during the DCI Celebration week in Indianapolis, IN! ———————————— STICKS & MALLETS USED: #vfSMG – CORPSMASTER® SIGNATURE SNARE – MURRAY GUSSECK #vfSTATH – CORPSMASTER® MULTI-TENOR — TOM AUNGST TENOR HYBRID #vfMT1A […]

DCCS Podcast Ep 9 – ScoJo 2: Paradiddle Boogaloo (Part 1)

0:00 – Intro 2:52 – Sports talk 4:02 – ScoJo’s hoop skillz and golf cart 9:57 – Fact checking the previous episode 13:44 – ScoJo the rockstar 17:54 – DCI I&E 24:56 – The passing of Don Silva 26:54 – Blue Devils 19 time world champions 30:45 – Martian Mambo, the Ditty and Funk It […]

Eliana Yamouni | SCV Drumline 2019

Military Park – DCI Finals Week 2019 This video highlights Eliana Yamouni. She is an incredible drummer and a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline. We all need to do a better job of amplifying the incredible contributions of women in Drumlines, not only because their drumming is superb, but also as an inspiration […]


Here is the official QUADLOGIX CYPHER- The amount of the support this project has gotten is truly inspiring! The thought behind this was to get as many drummers from all over to come together in one video. I believe that was accomplished! -Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to submit your […]

BLAST! – DCI Broadway Show

Hello everyone! I would be glad if you like this video! Please support me with comments or likes! BLAST! – DCI Broadway Show 00:00 – Intro 00:28 – Blast! – Bolero 5:08 – Villa Borghese 8:08 – Split Complementaries 11:03 – Everybody loves the blues 14:12 – Loss 18:18 – Down by the wood 23:00 […]

Best DCI Moments of 2019 Semifinalists (13th-25th)

This video is more specifically best hornline moments. I will be making a later video for best hornline moments for finalists (top 12), so if you go ahead and subscribe then you’ll be notified when that comes out. I just did this video first since I’m biased to my own corps ;). I do not […]

Pulse Percussion 2020 – Show Music – 1/26 Preview Show

Pulse Percussion runs through their book at their annual Preview Show on 1/26/20

Danny Pendergrass – Blue Devils Snare Cam – DCI Semis Day Rehearsal 8/9/19

Danny Pendergrass (Blue Devils snare 2019) full run through before DCI Semis.

Genevieve Hilburn – Bluecoats Bass 3 Cam – DCI Finals Day Rehearsal 8/10/19

Genevieve Hilburn (Bluecoats 2019 Bass 3) plays a show chunk during full ensemble DCI Finals Day.

Blue Devils Drumline – DCI Semi Finals 2019

In The Lot with The Blue Devils 2019 DCI World Championships | Indianapolis, IN Semi Finals | Friday | 08.09.19 Show Title: “Ghostlight” Activity: Drum Corps International Semi Finals Corps Score: 97.700 1st Place Semi Finals Percussion Score: 19.500 2nd Place Grid Book Percussion brings you IN THE LOT with The Blue Devils during their […]