Best DCI Moments of 2019 Semifinalists (13th-25th)

This video is more specifically best hornline moments.

I will be making a later video for best hornline moments for finalists (top 12), so if you go ahead and subscribe then you’ll be notified when that comes out. I just did this video first since I’m biased to my own corps ;).

I do not own any of this material, all credit goes to Flosports for producing it. This footage is used with fair use in mind since I have edited and left out significant chunks of each show.

The purpose of this video is to inspire potential marchers of the activity as I was inspired to march by finding videos on YouTube, and sadly they are harder to come upon now then they used to be. So keep that in mind Flosports if you consider taking this video down :).

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Comment (11)

  1. you should do the bottom corps as well. It’s hard for corps lower down to get appreciation the same way the higher ups do.

  2. A lot of these groups I didn’t even know and sound a lot better than they placed. It might have something to do with audio editing, but gold and cascades sounded like finalists there.

  3. Thank you for posting this. So much great drum corps happens 13-25 and never gets seen. Colts 2019 guard was fantastic.


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