The Best DCI Moments of the 20th Century

[insert g-bugle joke here] DCI was a much different landscape than it is today. The 80s marked a flourish in the drum corps world and the 90s brought us some of the most energetic shows in history. Here are 18 clips from 15 shows that display a taste of what the 20th century had to […]

Show Synopsis: Star of Indiana 1991 – “Roman Images”

In this synopsis we take a look at “the best drum corps money could buy” and dive into the Star of Indiana 1991 show “Roman Images” To purchase the FULL show:

LHFF: Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 vs Star of Indiana 1993

Match #26 of the LotHype Fan Face-off bracket tournament! We have Legendary vs Revolutionary as Santa Clara’s 1989 program “Phantom of the Opera” goes head-to-head with the 1993 Star of Indiana’s “The Music of Barber and Bartók” Voting must be done on this specific Facebook post for it to count! ( Full Bracket: Be […]