Show Synopsis: Star of Indiana 1991 – “Roman Images”

In this synopsis we take a look at “the best drum corps money could buy” and dive into the Star of Indiana 1991 show “Roman Images”

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  1. Not entirely Feste Romane. The “bells” section near the beginning is from Pines of Rome, specifically mvt 1, Pines of the Villa Borghese.

  2. I saw this show. I marched lead soprano (I still have my two valve bugle) in my own corps from Amherstview Ontario, Canada at the time. Those mellophones were lethal and they were the talk of the entire circuit. I got to meet their Corp director and their sponsor Bill Cook at the first Summer Music Games All Stars group that marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that same year (1991). Loudest and most powerful sound I’ve ever experienced musically (the group was comprised of players from across the continent, I was chosen from mine, 427 marched in total). Great memories.


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