LHFF: Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 vs Star of Indiana 1993

Match #26 of the LotHype Fan Face-off bracket tournament!

We have Legendary vs Revolutionary as Santa Clara’s 1989 program “Phantom of the Opera” goes head-to-head with the 1993 Star of Indiana’s “The Music of Barber and Bartók”

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Full Bracket: http://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorite-ultimate-off-season-show-bloodbath-delux/

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  1. Impossible to say…both were standards for their times..it’s like saying ’93 cadets were better than ’84 Garfield..both were fabulous scoring 97.4 and 98.0 respectively.

  2. As an SCV alum? 93 Star is the best show of all time. Everyone who marched in the 90s knows this. Still ahead of its time in 2018


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