THE FINAL FOUR – EMC Marching Madness Tournament

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To enter the EMC 2020 Indoor Drumline Contest:
1 – Get permission from your director
2 – Upload a video of your indoor line onto YouTube (must be from 2020)
3 – Add # EMCJudge2020 in the title
4 – Get people to click like (top 12 liked videos will be featured)

To enter my 100K subscriber Photoshop contest:
1 – Download the ON2 drumslip template here:
2 – Design something EPIC. Must contain at least 1 silver play button.
3 – Upload it on Instagram with # EMC100K
4 – Check back around 90K, and I will announce the winner!

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  1. The contest will end on Monday 4/6 1200 noon EST. The winner gets a pair of my signature(ish) sticks and an autographed poster. Make sure you vote!


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